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About Bitdeal:

Bitdeal is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script provider, If you are looking forward to make a strong presence in cryptocurrency exchange industry, then we will support you through out the journey. Added with we provide customizable altcoin exchange script, bitcoin trading script and bitcoin mining script. 

A short video describing about bitdeal:

What is a Bitcoin Exchange Script ?

It is a website script through which you can start developing your bitcoin own bitcoin exchange website.  This kind of exchange script have been coded with prime trading features,trade match engines, Order book tracking system, Wallet encryptions, payment integrations, Trade pairing functionalities and other exchange features.  

Who can start a bitcoin exchange website?

Obviously anyone who have interest can start a bitcoin exchange website. It is a step  to initiate your big business online.

Why to choose bitdeal bitcoin exchange script?

Bitdeal was the first in this industry to provide technically upgraded bitcoin exchange script. By having a strong prediction about the feature of bitcoin, we initiated to provide bitcoin exchange script in 2015 at that time bitcoin was less than $600.  

The script which provided have faced multiple upgrades by every quarter of each year. As the bitcoin industry often meets lot of volatility, we also look forward to integrate new feature with the script. 

Special highlights of bitdeal bitcoin exchange script:

1. Completely white label.
2. 10x Faster trade match engines.
3. Business friendly add-ons.
4. Inbuilt bitcoin wallet.
5. Supports multiple trading orders. 
6. Escrow enabled
7. Customized to trade with tokens. 

Why bitcoin exchange script is a special than other exchange scripts?

It is so simple, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. So people will often search for a best bitcoin exchange website.  It doesn't mean that other exchange script has no values, but bitcoin exchange script has higher value than other scripts. 

To know more about Bitdeal bitcoin exchange script, you can inquire us at any time. 


 Skeleton of bitcoin businesses:

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