Don’t & Do’s While Start an ICO!

Before executing your ICO crowd sales you should satisfy the investor by exploring a meaningful concept(white paper) of your crypto project. If you made a single slip you will lose everything as many recent ico projects demonstrated.

Dont’s are much important than Do’s

To process through a safe and proper journey on your ICO launch, first, understand what are the dont’s that you have to dismiss forever.
There are several factors to ruin the entire crowd sale of ERC20 tokens but, the most notable one is creating the pointless tokens. Coindesk has penned a recent treatise about pointless tokens, which discussed some interesting info about the failed Crypto projects just because of creating pointless ICO tokens.
“Pointless tokens are the tokens, which has no meaningful usages”

Tokens or coins which are purposely created to attract people often get abandoned

“Never make a crypto token or a coin just to attract people,
unless it has a genuine purpose for blockchain”
By monitoring the huge success of ICO’s everyone releases their own crypto coins with no restrictions, but the result is “failure”. If your crypto project doesn’t have a genuine use, sure it will get neglect by everyone.
“Don’t be funny on creating tokens”
People out there creates tokens for prayer, to utilize the garbage, to order quality sand and some meaningless purposes. Remember Creating tokens for meaningless projects will lead you to scam people!



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